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Don’t Stop Working On Your Own Junk!

Written by Allen Turley on Feb 04, 2016

As long as I have been walking with the Lord – since I was 13 years old – God has always been working on something inside of me, whether my thought life, my behaviors, or my heart. There is never a point where we have … [ read more ]

2016 National Conference – Connect to God

Written by Patty Baker on Jan 27, 2016

  Connection to the Father is the lifeline of spiritual vitality. The call is to abiding communion. From that communion life, ministry and victory will flow fresh. Join us in Denver as we breathe in the presence, grace and love of an amazing Lord.    … [ read more ]

Do You Have What It Takes?

Written by Allen Turley on Jan 21, 2016

“I can’t do this!” A student told me this when he came into my office crying one day. He came to with tears rolling down his face to tell me he was leaving. I looked at him and in a happy voice said, “Great! I … [ read more ]

What is the Focus?

Written by Guest Author on Dec 22, 2015

Biblical Counseling – part 5  (final) by Dr. Tori Ferrari We have reviewed these key principles in this series on Biblical Counseling: ●Biblical counseling is critical in Teen Challenge. ●Biblical counseling focuses on replacing unrighteous habits with righteous ones. ●Biblical counseling focuses on renewing the mind. … [ read more ]

Washington Update

Written by Snow Peabody on Dec 17, 2015

Every year just before the SAMHSA National Recovery Month Kick-Off Luncheon is a press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.   It was my honor to once again on September 10th this year represent TC USA at both important events. One … [ read more ]

Indiana Lifeline Groups Making a Difference!

Written by Skip Arp on Dec 17, 2015

In 2000, Tracy Weaver and her Dad, Pastor Bruce Stephenson, were wondering what they could do in their small southern Indiana community regarding the drug epidemic that was devastating families. Their first thought was to start a Teen Challenge center, but could they ever raise … [ read more ]

Media Presentations Now Online

Written by Lynette Scherber on Dec 17, 2015

This year, the regional conferences offered a media track, giving an in-depth look at the media resources offered by TCUSA and hands-on training for their use. Each of the resources was presented in a Prezi format, and each Prezi is now in its respective folder … [ read more ]

“It’s a Wonderful Life!”

Written by Karen McDonald-Bowman on Dec 17, 2015

“It’s a wonderful life!” This was the name of the movie that Jimmy Stewart starred in as George Bailey. However, his circumstances were anything but wonderful, or so George thought. He saw his life plagued by the ordinary, the mundane and even drudgery at times. … [ read more ]

Equipping your students to be life-long learners

Written by Dave Batty on Dec 17, 2015

How can we produce disciples who will go on to achieve the full potential God has for them for the rest of their lives? How do we set them up for this kind of success? We must have staff who understand at a deep level … [ read more ]

Gratitude for Donors?

Written by Patty Baker on Dec 17, 2015

Of course we’re thankful that our donors donate, but to have gratitude means we are ready to show appreciation and kindness to them. Calling donors is a meaningful way to show our appreciation to them and to treat them kindly. As long as you don’t … [ read more ]