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Ohio Attorney General Asks Churches for Help

Written by Skip Arp on Oct 14, 2015

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has asked the churches of Wayne County to join the Opiate Task Force in efforts to turn back the tide of overdose deaths and the crime wave due to illegal drug activity in this state of 11.7 million people. For … [ read more ]

Going toward the hole

Written by Karen McDonald-Bowman on Oct 09, 2015

“Well, at least you are going in the right direction; you are going toward the hole.”  This is what my father-in-law used to say to me as we would play golf together.  I would tee up the ball, interlock my fingers on the golf club, adjust … [ read more ]

“Donate Now” Button on FaceBook

Written by Patty Baker on Oct 08, 2015

Adding a call to action to your FaceBook page can help drive people from Facebook to your website. You can choose from different buttons like Shop Now, Sign Up and Donate Now. FaceBook has rolled out the option for all nonprofits to have Donate Now … [ read more ]

Media – Social Media

Written by Lynette Scherber on Oct 07, 2015

WELCOME to the many centers who have recently launched a media campaign!  You’ve chosen a strategic time to begin, as this year is a non-election year and the airwaves are more plentiful.  And, if you haven’t yet begun your campaign, we are here to help … [ read more ]

New Leadership for TC USA

Written by Joe Batluck on Oct 07, 2015

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my family and the call that God has placed on my life to serve Him. I was raised in a Christ-centered home. Dad was a school teacher and Mom was a homemaker. In high school I … [ read more ]

Passwords and Security

Written by Eric Cloninger on Oct 07, 2015

Passwords… Don’t you hate them?  We all know it’s one of the necessary evils, but that doesn’t stave off frustration.  And sometimes, we take the whole “password thing” as some sort of oppression imposed on us by “the man” and instead of being diligent, we find … [ read more ]

The Fear of Rejection

Written by Dave Batty on Oct 07, 2015

Has the fear of rejection kept you from stepping out into a new relationship, or a new area of ministry? Have you remained silent because you feared the consequences of angering the other person, especially if they were your boss? For some of us, this … [ read more ]

What does healthy discipleship look like?

Written by Allen Turley on Oct 07, 2015

True discipleship can never be a mass production assembly line. We have become an institution when we have a low staff to student relationship ratio and expect the program or the “process” to disciple and nurture the students; go to class, go to chapel, go … [ read more ]

Tags in MyTC

Written by Doug Lance on Oct 07, 2015

With more and more Teen Challenge affiliates starting to use MyTC, I want to explain how to better utilize the different tags that are options when a journal entry has been completed in a student’s file.  What I will often see is an entry that … [ read more ]

More Than a Feeling

Written by Guest Author on Oct 06, 2015

Biblical Counseling – part 3 by Dr. Tori Ferrari In the last article, we took a close look at the focus of Biblical Counseling to help counselees replace unrighteous habits with righteous ones while renewing their mind with the Word of God.  In this article … [ read more ]