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Connect to Each Other: Achieving Team Commitment

Written by Allen Turley on Jun 29, 2015

All quotes from The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni You’ve laid the foundation of trust [Connect To Each Other: A Healthy Team Starts with an Authentic You] and you’ve engaged in creative conflict. [Connect to Each Other: Healthy Conflict]. When we are successful at these, your team can … [ read more ]

Connect to Each Other: Healthy Conflict

Written by Allen Turley on Jun 09, 2015

All quotes are from The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni If your team members don’t have weigh-in they won’t buy-in. If you want a unified team, allow the team members to weigh-in on decisions that they will be directly impacted by.  Who’s on the team? Patrick … [ read more ]

Grant-writing 101

Written by Guest Author on May 27, 2015

Just a reminder that “Grant Writing 101: Your Essential Guide to NonProfit Grant Acquisition” is now available through several online retailers! As you know, grants can be a wonderful asset in implementing important programs, and I know this book can be a useful tool for … [ read more ]

Connect To Each Other: A Healthy Team Starts with an Authentic You

Written by Allen Turley on May 13, 2015

All quotes taken from The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. Do you want a have a healthy ministry staff team? Do you want a team that is strong, unified and effective? It starts with you. It starts with authenticity. Our ongoing awareness of our sinfulness and … [ read more ]

Etiquette Ball

Written by Guest Author on May 11, 2015

The ladies at Central Indiana Teen Challenge were very privileged to have Deb Christensen, wife of Indianapolis Quarterbacks Coach and Bible study leader for the Colts Wives as our keynote speaker at their annual Etiquette Ball. The Ball culminated a 12 week Bible study with their students learning about how they are viewed by God. … [ read more ]

What Pentecostals Have In Common With Millennials

Written by Allen Turley on Apr 20, 2015

Seth Drewry, a TC staff member is the guest author for this eNewsletter. His article will get your spiritual heart and blood pumping! By God’s Spirit we are equipped for effective ministry to our students! Read on…. BY SETH DREWRY Will D. Campbell, Southern Baptist … [ read more ]

God’s Plan A

Written by Allen Turley on Mar 31, 2015

God’s plan A is the Body of Christ.  We were not meant to do this alone. We were not meant to walk a lonely Christian life. We were not meant to be a one man ministry. This whole Christian life and ministry thing is to … [ read more ]

Washington Update

Written by Snow Peabody on Mar 18, 2015

CONGRESSWOMAN McSALLY What a joy it was during CADCA’s Capitol Hill Day to meet with newly elected Congresswoman Martha McSally (District 2, R-AZ), who served on the Teen Challenge of Arizona Board of Directors while serving as a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force at … [ read more ]

Hope in Rural Regions

Written by Skip Arp on Mar 17, 2015

Recognizing the high rates of addictions in rural communities, Executive Director of Central Canada Adult & Teen Challenge, Steve Paulson and team, set out to offer hope to every addict. They added a full time “chaplain” to their staff and designated an additional lead staff … [ read more ]

2015 Regional Conferences

Written by Allen Turley on Mar 17, 2015

Check with your regional reps about the detail of your regional conference. Don’t miss this opportunity for training and fellowship with Teen Challenge staff!