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Is Biblical Counseling Enough?

Written by Guest Author on Aug 27, 2015

Biblical Counseling – part 1 by Dr. Tori Ferrari Since the garden, sin and unrighteousness has plagued mankind.  Sin has been there from the beginning.  And long before the DSM (Diagnostic and statistical manual of Mental Disorders) came along outlining a wide variety of disorders … [ read more ]

Connect to Each Other: Results

Written by Allen Turley on Jul 31, 2015

All quotes are from The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability are all leading to one thing – effective ministry resulting in changed lives. That is the result or outcome we are looking for. The result that the business world is looking for is … [ read more ]

Connect To Each Other – Accountability

Written by Allen Turley on Jul 27, 2015

All quotes are from The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni Trust, Creative Conflict and Commitment pave a clear path to accountability. A TC team that consistently gets results is one that is able to hold one another accountable for behaviors and performance that are counterproductive to the … [ read more ]

Celebrating 50 Years

Written by Snow Peabody on Jul 02, 2015

In Arizona we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year. We are thankful God has connected us with many Mayors, Governors, State Representatives & AZ Congressional Leaders over the years. These relationships at the state level have assisted me in building relationships in Washington, D.C. … [ read more ]

Washington Update

Written by Snow Peabody on Jul 02, 2015

It was an honor and privilege to represent the U.S. Missions Department of the Assemblies of God at the recent SAMHSA sponsored 2015 Interfaith Partnership Summit entitled One Voice-One Community at the request of Rev. Zollie Smith, U.S. Missions Executive Director. This summit included many … [ read more ]

Latest Pew Research Christianity in Decline

Written by Skip Arp on Jul 02, 2015

The May 12th issue of USA Today reports the latest research from the Pew Foundation revealing some alarming trends of declining attendance in major denominations in the US, and a dramatic increase in a category known as “Nones”, no commitment to any church. There is … [ read more ]

Media Track at Regionals

Written by Lynette Scherber on Jul 02, 2015

Teen Challenge USA Media has been offering a day-and-a-half onsite visit to local centers who wish to launch a media campaign. Now, this same training will be available during the 2015 regional conferences! Since these media sessions run concurrently with the other sessions of the … [ read more ]

Two Framed Prints Available

Written by Patty Baker on Jul 02, 2015

These are the first two in a series of framed prints that will be made available in this year. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of these custom pieces. The price is $45.00 plus shipping, the print (unframed) may be purchased for $6.00 plus shipping. … [ read more ]

Catch the Wave with Online Training

Written by Allen Turley on Jul 02, 2015

There are over 600 registrants for the Teen Challenge online staff training. These Teen Challenge staff are completing the self-paced courses online with supervision from Teen Challenge USA. As lessons are finished and are approved, the staff moves through the course to completion and prints … [ read more ]

CONFLICT: Avoid or Pursue?

Written by Karen McDonald-Bowman on Jul 02, 2015

When I first began working with Teen Challenge many years ago I had opposing experiences within two different centers. (These centers are no longer in existence.) The first Teen Challenge did not deal with conflict; issues were ignored or avoided. The second center dealt with … [ read more ]