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“Honor to Whom”

Written by Jack Smart on Nov 24, 2010

In Romans 13:7 Paul tells us that there are those among us who are deserving of honor because of their service to the Lord and the Body of Christ. Mike Hodges and all of the past presidents who preceded him certainly fit in that category.

Mike Hodges

I appreciate so much the servant attitude that Mike and Betty have displayed throughout their time in Teen Challenge. I believe their heartfelt love for Teen Challenge and all those who are a part of it has shown most brightly in these last five years. I thank God for the progress that has been realized under Mike’s leadership and I know that his impact on the ministry of Teen Challenge will be evident for years to come.

I also honor and highly esteem all of the past presidents of Teen Challenge, USA. John Castellani, Wayne Keylon, Herb Meppelink, Snow Peabody, and Frank Reynolds are all men God used at just the right time, in just the right way, to cause the ministry of Teen Challenge to move forward. God has truly blessed the ministry of Teen Challenge with these gifted and devoted leaders through the years. It is my prayer that I will be able, in some way, to live up to the high standards of ministry and leadership that they
have set.

John Castellani

Wayne Keylon

Herb Meppelink

Snow Peabody

Frank Reynolds

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