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Promotions. Grants: researching and writing. Direct mail standards. Newsletter concepts. Appeal letter do’s and don’ts. Pros and cons of implementing technology.

Primary Author: Patty Baker

Crowd Fundraising on the Internet

Written by Bob Hawley on Jun 04, 2013

You may have read a few articles on using the Internet to raise funds through crowd fundraising sites.  This is a rather new idea and is growing in popularity, but it isn’t the cure-all for your fundraising needs.  The good thing is, there are sites … [ read more ]

To E-mail or Not to E-mail: Being Realistic

Written by Bob Hawley on May 02, 2013

If done correctly, this can be a great program to increase your income If you are reading and watching the news you are aware that e-mail has come into its own.  In fact, in 2008, a year where political donors broke every record for online … [ read more ]

Connecting to: Sound Ideas

Written by Lynette Scherber on Dec 31, 2012

COMING SOON!! Customizable video endorsements from these Christian artists! These artists have graciously recorded videos promoting Teen Challenge with the intent that you can customize them for use by your local center! If you have access to the online TCUSA media, watch for a new … [ read more ]

Connecting to: Sound Ideas

Written by Lynette Scherber on Sep 27, 2012

Christmas in September and other Media Updates Teen Challenge USA provides media resources which have a variety of uses! These are not just for radio, television and social media, but also for donors, new ministry partners, prospective students and their families and general marketing. IF … [ read more ]

Statistics and Fundraising

Written by Patty Baker on May 03, 2012

We all know the value of a good story or student testimony, but we should also realize the value of compelling statictics. Our donors and potential donors don’t want to be overwhelmed with numbers to the point of feeling that the problem is too large … [ read more ]

National Conference, Denver 5-7, 2012

Written by Patty Baker on May 01, 2012

Make plans to attend the Connect Teen Challenge National Conference in Denver Colorado, August 5-7, 2012. Denver is the number one conference destination in the world! See a little of the city and come prepared to connect with others as you experience the Teen Challenge … [ read more ]

First Step by Don Wilkerson

Written by Jack Smart on Jan 20, 2012

Rev. Don Wilkerson has provided a valuable tool for Teen Challenge centers everywhere with his new book, First Step. In this very readable 144 page volume Brother Don provides valuable and life-changing information for those who are bound by addictions, those who have received help … [ read more ]

Publicizing Your Ministry

Written by Patty Baker on Jan 16, 2012

All Teen Challenge Centers need more positive “press” in their communities; everyone needs to work to keep “Teen Challenge” in the minds and hearts of potential donors and volunteers. We at Teen Challenge USA want to help you with this task. One way to receive … [ read more ]

The Ultimate Pursuit, a Teen Challenge story of hope

Written by Patty Baker on Oct 28, 2011

The Reverend Carl D. Smith, ordained as a minister in 2002 with the Evangelical Church Alliance, struggled through years of addiction, incarceration and homelessness as a young man.  A California boy who enlisted in the Navy in his teens, Carl became addicted to heroin while … [ read more ]

Photography Contest for Promotions

Written by Patty Baker on Oct 24, 2011

One Teen Challenge center is hosting a photography contest for both professional and amateur photographers. What a great idea for some free publicity for the center and getting good photographs! This isn’t a fundraising event in itself, although you could charge an entry fee and … [ read more ]