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New Fundraising Resource

Written by Patty Baker on Aug 06, 2014

At the Teen Challenge Connect National Conference, Dr. Jerry Nance, president of Global Teen Challenge spoke on the topic “How to Implement a Capacity/Capital Campaign. During his presentation he shared his experiences in Teen Challenge – his passion for evangelism, and needing to learn how to do fundraising. … [ read more ]

Contests, Contests

Written by Patty Baker on Mar 10, 2014

Do you sketch in your notebook during staff meetings when you should be paying attention? Do you have a secret pinterest account none of your friends know about just to pin cool designs that inspire you? Do you find yourself carrying a camera everwhere you … [ read more ]

Dave Batty – Man on a Mission

Written by Allen Turley on Feb 03, 2014

Dave and Patty Batty are transitioning out of their ministry with Global Teen Challenge. They are beginning a new season of ministry, where they will serve as Teen Challenge missionaries, under the covering of Teen Challenge USA. They will be serving TC ministries both in … [ read more ]

The Urgent Need

Written by Jack Smart on Dec 19, 2013

I realize that probably every person associated with Teen Challenge understands that we face an urgent need in our country regarding the impact and influence of drug and alcohol addiction, dependence, and abuse. And of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg in … [ read more ]

Connecting to: Sound Ideas

Written by Lynette Scherber on Sep 17, 2013

Matthew West’s newest single release raises awareness of Teen Challenge nationwide… Grammy and Dove Award nominated, and 2013 ASCAP Singer-Songwriter of the year, Matthew West, has written his newest single release inspired by the testimony of Jordan Jeffers, a Teen Challenge graduate. “Hello, My Name … [ read more ]

What to do with that New Contact

Written by Bob Hawley on Sep 17, 2013

Every center should be acquiring new names to be added to their mailing list each month. Those names are important to the lifeblood of the center and should be carefully handled. If you support several organizations, you probably receive mailing packages from them that cover … [ read more ]

Seven Rules to Listening

Written by Bob Hawley on Aug 30, 2013

What you must know (and practice) to be an effective fundraiser or leader. Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman is senior consultant for The Dilenschneider Group. She’s the author of The Silent Language of Leaders which is a great book for your library. As I summarize some of … [ read more ]

Crowd Fundraising on the Internet

Written by Bob Hawley on Jun 04, 2013

You may have read a few articles on using the Internet to raise funds through crowd fundraising sites.  This is a rather new idea and is growing in popularity, but it isn’t the cure-all for your fundraising needs.  The good thing is, there are sites … [ read more ]

To E-mail or Not to E-mail: Being Realistic

Written by Bob Hawley on May 02, 2013

If done correctly, this can be a great program to increase your income If you are reading and watching the news you are aware that e-mail has come into its own.  In fact, in 2008, a year where political donors broke every record for online … [ read more ]

Last year, millions of parents learned that they were their teen’s drug dealer.

Written by Patty Baker on Jan 30, 2013

The following was a news release from The Partnership at Drug Free.org and The Medicine Abuse project. A new kind of drug abuse is killing our kids. What every parent needs to know. 44 PERCENT OF TEENS have at least one friend who abuses prescription … [ read more ]