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Are You Violating State Charity Laws?

Written by Ted Papit on Mar 16, 2015

Recently a fundraising company was fined more than one million dollars for violating state charity laws! If your Teen Challenge center is incorporated as a religious non-profit you are exempt from registration for solicitation of charitable funds in most states. However, twelve states require registration … [ read more ]

What’s the two most important words?

Written by Patty Baker on Mar 13, 2015

What’s the two most important words in the Fundraiser’s vocabulary? Thank You! We all love to be thanked, we want to feel that whatever we’ve done is appreciated. Most nonprofits have a horrible retention rate. To figure your retention rate How many unique donors did … [ read more ]

22 Phrases that will make your donors feel needed and appreciated

Written by Patty Baker on Mar 02, 2015

You helped us achieve this, (name) Through your kindness today, we can. . . You make turnarounds like this possible. You help us keep that hope alive. Without you, we could never have achieved so much. There is hope. . .and that hope is you, … [ read more ]

Are You Ready for the New Year?

Written by Patty Baker on Dec 12, 2014

Have you put together your fundraising plan for next year? Are you taking this year’s plan and just giving it a few new themes and running with it? If you raised as much money as you projected, then it may be fine to do the … [ read more ]

Why Did the Ice Bucket Challenge Work?

Written by Patty Baker on Sep 29, 2014

Wouldn’t we all like to find that “magic” funding source that raises 3,500% more than the same time last year? That’s exactly what has been raised with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the time I’m typing (August 29th). They have now topped the 100 … [ read more ]

Matthew West at National Conference

Written by Lynette Scherber on Sep 29, 2014

It’s easy to say that Matthew West is a household name among Teen Challenge circles! Not only has he spent the last several years offering free tickets to nearby Teen Challenge centers along his concert routes and given them special attention by extending backstage passes, … [ read more ]

Executive Director Training

Written by Patty Baker on Sep 25, 2014

We recognize that our executive directors need on-going training to excel in leadership at their centers. To achieve this lofty goal, Teen Challenge USA has partnered with Christian Leadership Alliances(CLA) to provide training for up to 50 of our Executive Directors. We have also committed … [ read more ]

Christmas Gift Idea

Written by Guest Author on Sep 24, 2014

Trying to figure out what to send your faithful donors as a gift during the upcoming holidays? Let Pensacola Teen Challenge make it easy for you. You can purchase unique Teen Challenge checkerboards for just $25. This Classic Checkers Board Game from PTC, a Pensacola … [ read more ]

New Fundraising Resource

Written by Patty Baker on Aug 06, 2014

At the Teen Challenge Connect National Conference, Dr. Jerry Nance, president of Global Teen Challenge spoke on the topic “How to Implement a Capacity/Capital Campaign. During his presentation he shared his experiences in Teen Challenge – his passion for evangelism, and needing to learn how to do fundraising. … [ read more ]

Contests, Contests

Written by Patty Baker on Mar 10, 2014

Do you sketch in your notebook during staff meetings when you should be paying attention? Do you have a secret pinterest account none of your friends know about just to pin cool designs that inspire you? Do you find yourself carrying a camera everwhere you … [ read more ]