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Hope in Rural Regions

Written by Skip Arp on Mar 17, 2015

Recognizing the high rates of addictions in rural communities, Executive Director of Central Canada Adult & Teen Challenge, Steve Paulson and team, set out to offer hope to every addict. They added a full time “chaplain” to their staff and designated an additional lead staff … [ read more ]

Inside the Walls;

Written by Skip Arp on Dec 17, 2014

Taking Teen Challenge to the Imprisoned You’ve heard it all before. Volunteers, alumni, alumni, volunteers. An incredible, valuable resource to equip, train, and send out. With the Baby Boomer generation retiring at a record pace, 78 million, and the record number of alumni graduating our … [ read more ]

Nonresidential Ministry; Does it Really Work?

Written by Skip Arp on Oct 01, 2014

Everyone wants to know, “Where’s the beef?” or “Show me the results!” And it’s a perfectly reasonable expectation! If a ministry such as Teen Challenge is going to divert energies, personnel, resources, and time to nonresidential ministry, we need to know that it’s a strategy … [ read more ]

Despite Obamacare,

Written by Skip Arp on Jun 30, 2014

a gaping hole in addiction services! In the April edition of USA Today (April 5th) and the most recent research by CASA Columbia, the percentage of addicts entering into residential rehab, jumped from 7% to now 11%! An encouraging trend triggered by increased funding through … [ read more ]

Networking of Community Leaders Enhances Ministry of Teen Challenge!

Written by Skip Arp on Mar 13, 2014

I cannot think of a single non-profit organization, with as strong a faith component, that has the clout, reputation, and potential to positively affect the culture as does Teen Challenge! This is an awesome responsibility on us all that call Teen Challenge our base of … [ read more ]

Re-alignment, Helping the Families

Written by Skip Arp on Sep 17, 2013

For every student in our residential program, there are at least four to six family members affected by both the addiction and the recovery process. This gives our ministries the opportunity to offer help and encouragement to the entire family system! Families truly are in … [ read more ]

Branding Your Non-Residential Ministry

Written by Skip Arp on Apr 04, 2013

Promoting non-residential ministry takes on a whole new perspective compared with what our programs do residentially. It’s an easier task helping the public understand why we have students in a structured setting, and they can easily visualize the facility, and have some understanding of residential … [ read more ]

Coordinating an Effective Corrections Care Program

Written by Skip Arp on Jan 03, 2013

A tremendous opportunity abounds for all of us in Teen Challenge ministry to take our program & ministry to the local county corrections facility. A once-a-week ministry at the correctional facility can give us incredible evangelism ministry that may give us referrals for both our … [ read more ]

Lifeline Connection; Keeping the Pace Going & Moving Forward

Written by Skip Arp on Oct 05, 2012

Long-term sustainability is key to any successful ministry! It’s much more exciting to start a new endeavor than to keep an existing ministry moving forward with the same level of passion that was present in the beginning stages. Many find out that the luster looses … [ read more ]

Lifeline Connection; Ministry for Volunteers & Alumni!

Written by Skip Arp on May 02, 2012

Teen Challenge has always attracted volunteers from many walks of life who want to be involved with this life-changing ministry. And with hundreds of graduates yearly from across the country, we must do something to keep them active in ministry and free from relapse! Lifeline … [ read more ]