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What is the Focus?

Written by Guest Author on Dec 22, 2015

Biblical Counseling – part 5  (final) by Dr. Tori Ferrari We have reviewed these key principles in this series on Biblical Counseling: ●Biblical counseling is critical in Teen Challenge. ●Biblical counseling focuses on replacing unrighteous habits with righteous ones. ●Biblical counseling focuses on renewing the mind. … [ read more ]

What is My Role?

Written by Guest Author on Dec 07, 2015

Biblical Counseling – part 4 by Dr. Tori Ferrari Biblical Counseling is based upon the Word of God and while it is not based upon the opinions of the counselor, the role of the Biblical Counselor is critical. The Biblical Counselor is responsible for helping … [ read more ]

More Than a Feeling

Written by Guest Author on Oct 06, 2015

Biblical Counseling – part 3 by Dr. Tori Ferrari In the last article, we took a close look at the focus of Biblical Counseling to help counselees replace unrighteous habits with righteous ones while renewing their mind with the Word of God.  In this article … [ read more ]

Is There a Biblical Model?

Written by Guest Author on Oct 06, 2015

Biblical Counseling – part 2 By: Dr. Tori Ferrari In the previous article, we discussed what Biblical Counseling was in a general sense and the discipleship process involving rehabituation.  This article will look more closely at the focus of Biblical Counseling, greatly differing from traditional … [ read more ]

Is Biblical Counseling Enough?

Written by Guest Author on Aug 27, 2015

Biblical Counseling – part 1 by Dr. Tori Ferrari Since the garden, sin and unrighteousness has plagued mankind.  Sin has been there from the beginning.  And long before the DSM (Diagnostic and statistical manual of Mental Disorders) came along outlining a wide variety of disorders … [ read more ]

CONFLICT: Avoid or Pursue?

Written by Karen McDonald-Bowman on Jul 02, 2015

When I first began working with Teen Challenge many years ago I had opposing experiences within two different centers. (These centers are no longer in existence.) The first Teen Challenge did not deal with conflict; issues were ignored or avoided. The second center dealt with … [ read more ]

2015 Regional Conferences

Written by Allen Turley on Mar 17, 2015

Check with your regional reps about the detail of your regional conference. Don’t miss this opportunity for training and fellowship with Teen Challenge staff!

Simple Trust Takes Courage

Written by Karen McDonald-Bowman on Mar 16, 2015

A sound structure begins with a solid foundation. When my husband wants to know if a house has been built well, he looks for signs. The most important sign is the roof lines of the house. If they are straight and there are no bows … [ read more ]

Expecting Results?

Written by Dave Batty on Mar 15, 2015

When Dave Wilkerson came to New York City in 1958, he was expecting results—but what he got was not what he expected. He was thrown out of court, ended up with his picture in the newspapers, and failed to talk to the seven teens on … [ read more ]

3 Important Facts About ASNC

Written by Allen Turley on Mar 12, 2015

1. ASNC is your library. You choose and examine resources to meet your students needs. You critique resources – rate and review to benefit other TC centers. You contribute resource ideas for: Group classes PSNC contracts 2. There are now over 100 resource ideas — … [ read more ]