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10 tips for a great presentation

Written by Timothy Cloninger on Mar 16, 2011
Want a great presentation? Follow these quick tips. Not only will you find your slides are easier to make, but they’ll look much better as well.

  1. Create and rehearse your presentation first, then build your slides last.
    You’re the presentation, not the slides; begin there.

  2. Bullets. Lose ‘em.
    Works great in documents and reports, like this one; and they’re not for presentation slides.

  3. Use large font sizes.
    minimum 30 pt

  4. Maximum of 10 words a slide.
    Say it in 4 words, it’ll be remembered; say it in 30, it’ll be forgotten.

  5. Use images to convey meaning and emotion.
    People will remember the picture on the slide longer than they’ll remember the words.

  6. Simplify graphs/charts/numbers.
    “Perfection is not reached with nothing more can be added, but when nothing more can be removed.”

  7. No text animations or slide transitions.
    Don’t make text or photos bounce, spin, swirl or any other nonsense. If your presentation behaves like a 5-year-old, that’s not going to help your audience.

  8. Don’t be repetitive: stop using titles, logos, etc.
    Devote more slide space to what’s important. Your current slide info.

  9. No clipart.
    They’ll just make you look outdated. If you can’t find a nice photo, just use words.

  10. No photos? Use a black background.
    Far too often I arrive at a presentation and the projector isn’t aligned properly; and sometimes can’t be, given the setup. If the audience can’t tell where the edge of your slide is, they won’t know it’s skewed and off the screen by several inches.

  11. BONUS: Don’t read off your slide.

There’s an exception to every rule. This is no different, but if you stick with these simple guidelines your presentations will be easier for you to create and easier for your audience to follow.


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  1. Andrew Marjoram 20 November 2013 at 3:36 pm Permalink

    This has totally revolutionized the way I prepare my presentations.
    I have used this method for staff training, group studies and also presentations I have had to do for local government meetings.
    Thank you so much for posting this.

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